Dang It! Forgot My Scales!

We've all been there: You get a chance to make a quick run out to that trophy water you've been wanting to try. Everything's going to plan. Ten minutes after your first cast you get into a big one. The question is, how big?

It's a catch-and-release area. This might be the biggest one you've ever caught. You need something to hang your hat on when you go to brag to your buddies -- you don't want this to be just another fishing tale. Plus, you really want to know.

So how the heck do we figure out just how big this one is? Now we have just the tool. All you need to know is the length, girth -- that's how big its belly is --  and what type of fish it is. Plug that information in to this calculator, and you've got your answer. 

For example, a largemouth bass that's 19 inches long and 17 inches around would be about 6 pounds.

A 12-inch long crappie that's 10 inches around would be about 1.4 pounds.

And remember, this is fishing ... it's OK to round up!


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